Writing for an Imagined Audience

I’m going to write this again from scratch.

I originally wrote about how RC is an idea swamp where I’m exposed to things I’ve never even dreamed of. About how little I’ve done in the last week. About random fun things I came across… Maybe I’ll post some of that eventually, but when I read it, I hated it.

So I’m trying again with pen and paper and rambling and crossing stuff out. By typing up the Markdown for a blog post with the expectation that other Recursers will see it in their Blaggregator-Zulip feed, I feel like I’m trying to force my writing to be funny or eye-catching or profound in a way that I apparently hate.

There seems to be a part of me hoping that a bunch of people will read my posts and think I’m really cool. This is perfectly vain and human and understandable, but I dislike having these thoughts.

In the future, I hope I can write comfortably with a Recurse audience in mind. I hope I can write things that are helpful to others. For now, though, it would probably be more fulfilling for me to leave some posts (like this one) off of the Blaggregator.

Yesterday, my best friend said that she checked my website for new posts but didn’t see any. Well I hope you check again today! Heh. I don’t have to prove my coolness to you because you already know how uncool I am.

Post typing note: this all looks way weirder typed than handwritten.